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Modern Doctor for Modern Times

Our health care system leaves a lot to be desired.  Short doctor visits, limited health insurance coverage and pharmaceutical medications that often cause more issues than they fix - no wonder people are seeking answers elsewhere.

Conventional medicine has a drug for every condition.  If you have osteoporosis, there is a drug for that.  If you have a thyroid issue, they have a drug for that.

Unfortunately the alternative medicine industry is not much better.

In the alternative industry, if you have osteoporosis, there is a supplement to treat it.  If you have menopause, there is a supplement for that, too.

A New Form of Medicine

In today's world the best medicine is one that integrates the latest western medicine has to offer along with traditional natural medicine principles.  This is what I do. While respecting traditional views of health and wellness, I also use the latest laboratory testing and scientific information to understand the physiological mechanisms behind your condition.

In other words, if you have osteoporosis, I don't treat your osteoporosis.  If you have menopause, I don't have a menopausal protocol. To me using protocols like that is irresponsible medicine.

Instead I look at physiological mechanisms that are contributing to your condition and support your physiology nutritionally. 

If you are interested in learning more, check out How To Get Started.  Or feel free to explore my website more to read some articles, watch the videos and otherwise see if my approach is a good one for you.

Be well,

Dr. Bryan P. Walsh
Naturopathic Physician

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