Apart from some known names, roots have always been neglected when it comes to diet. It’s a proven fact that a balanced diet does have quite a quantity of roots too! SO which are these roots which can make your salads and sandwiches more interesting? Have a look:

Sweet potatoes:
The best when it comes to dealing with those untimely hunger pangs! Roast them, steam them – they have a lovely taste! They have quite a natural taste, which means you could do without flavoring too, but if you want to flavor – go ahead! They’re known to be instant energizers as well as will keep you full for a long, long time. And yes, they have a lot of fiber in them too. Sweet potatoes are great for diabetes and also to keep your skin nice and fresh. Include them in your diet right away!

Perfect to increase your haemoglobin levels; beets are great to add to salads. Also, you can grate them and flavor them – they taste good either ways. Beets are known to improve heart health also blood flow to the brain. Studies have also noted that beets have a lot of antioxidants and anti-cancer agents too – so including them in your diet gives you all-around health benefits.



They may be pungent in taste, and smelly too – but radishes are a powerhouse of vitamins, nutrients as well as fiber. The leaves of this root too, taste great when chopped and sautéed. Pack some off to work or college every day to munch on when you have those hunger pangs! Radishes are also great for de-worming yourself.

Our all-time favorites, high on carotene and vitamin A, carrots are just the best, You can just pick one, peel off the skin and chomp off one – no fuss at all! Plus, you can do whatever you want with carrots – eat then raw, steam them, mash them, stir fry them – they’ll still taste great! A glass of carrot juice every morning is known for its tremendous health benefits.

Garlic is known for its pungent taste – and that tiny pod of garlic is loaded with so many antioxidants, that actually consuming a raw garlic pod every day can work wonders for your health. Raw garlic has many anti-cancer agents in it, which is excellent for your health. It is also one of the commonly used remedies to get rid of the common cold. Even, it’s loaded with various vitamins too!


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